Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet little something's

Strawberry ice cream makes her smile... Her smile makes me smile...

Table for one and a half

I had the most amazing pasta pomodora with shrimp in charlotte last night. Justin heard about a casting call for Charlotte's fashion week so to Charlotte we went. When we got there Harmonii and I were stopped at the door and turned away... Who knew this casting call was at a night club where drinks were being served! New plan. Juss went in to do his modelly thing and Harmonii and I set out to find some fun. While strolling down Elizabeth Ave we stumbled upon Nothing but NOODLES. Yummm-o!!! They had all sorts of healthy, yummy dishes.. I opted for the pasta pomodora and it was amazing... I highly recommend Nothing but noodles, I'll definitely be back!

Chuck Nation

What can I say, we love our Chucks!!! They have the best colors and I can get multiple pairs without braking the bank... I had my Harmonii and Khamari for a day of fun and what do you know, we all had on our chucks! Coinkydink? I think not

Nites at Zen

Half off Sushi??? Count me in! Great friends+ great sushi+ pineapple sake= Amazing times The pineapple sake at Zen is amazing!!! Edamame!!! Yummmm Can't live without my Spider Roll Good ole faithful... California Rolll

Children Museum part 2

When it's nasty out I love bringing my niece Harmonii to the Children's Museum. This place has all sorts of things for kids to do like arts and crafts, role playing and sports. Inside this buliding they have miniature grocery stores, hospitals, airplanes, cop cars, train stations and tons of costumes... We both had a ball! Harmonii in the front seat of a cop car! Whew lol Her little cooking segment... Rachael Ray who? Who needs frequent flyer miles when my juice box is the pilot??? Rio De Janeiro here we come! Dr. Harmonii... The babies were Kaleb and Khamari, who in real life are her little brother...

Playtime... the best part of the day

Sorry for the sporadic posts but in my defense I've had a really busy week. I've had my two year old niece Harmonii all week, playing host to my family from out of town and trying to hustle to get things together for this move to cali... None the less my camera was always handy so here goes...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth day experience

Earth day was started by Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970. His goal was to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth in which we live on. It is the one day in which we encourage each other to take the effort to become aware of what's going on with our planet. The one day in which we encourage each other to make necessary changes to better nurture our planet. Like love, giving and unity, acts we SHOULD (big emphasis on the should) carry out every day, WE DON'T! So need a holiday to give us a gentle reminder. So I appreciate Earth Day solely because I know we as a people get so engorged in our own lives we forget to look around and take notice of what's really important, each other. So in celebration of this grand day I encourage, no not only encourage you but challenge you to not only love on the earth this day but make small changes in your life to show love to the earth every day. To those of you who partook in the Earth day festivities, well I want to know all about it. Did you hold a attend a rally that edcuated neighbors about what's going on with our earth? Did you encourage people to recycle? Did you encourage people to switch to reuseable bottles instead of plastic? Did you inform people of earth friendly home cleaning products like generation 7 or green works? Did you get a group of kids in you neighborhood and plant a tree or a garden? Their where so many things you could've done and I'm interested to know what that was! So fill me in on all the wonderful things you did to celebrate Earth Day...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DayLeigh Dose Saturday

Sporting my Allan Marco bow... We all know how much I love my bow's and this people is by far one of my favorites!!! Blazer: Oscar de la Renta Dress: BCBG Belt: Francescas Collection Shoes: Steve Madden

Mission accomplished

This was the Allan Marco booth at the A&T SU Walk Wars. Being that this was our first time setting up a booth, we sort of looked at it as a test run. The goal was to see what kind of response we'd get, incur differnt strategies to get people interested, visual merchandising and so on. I would have to say this test run went really well. We got a reasonable amount of email sign ups. A lot of people became familiar of who Marcus was as a designer and excited to see what else he would soon turn out. I'm just glad I get to really be apart of this man's journey to greatness. Vistors signing up for the Allan Marco newsletters and updates on what's going on with us...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My thoughts

Throughtout my life I've always been told you should think before jumping. Told that you dont want to make hasty decisons when it comes to life... Now I must admit I'm sort of a rebel that does her own thing but honestly I think sometimes a person just has to leap without looking. I believe that you should just follow your dreams. Forget what others may think, let go of the fear of failure, just go for it. MLK said you dont have to see the whole staircase, just take that first step. Obstacles will appear but they're only there to test your endurance. So keep pressing on, never give up on what you want and know that sometimes a blind step is necessary. Happy travels people. It's your life and only you can live it. Much love

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Must Try

Ok guys spring has arrived and we must be in the know with whats hot this season!!! 1.Bright accessories paired with either a bright lip or eye... Only one is needed we dont want to overdo it... Try a really big loud bow and a look at me pink lip... Very cute! 2. These tie dye nails are amazing!!! Love at first sight! 3. Let there be pink... Yes ladies pink cheeks nd lips are a must for those fun, flirty spring days 4. Find yourself a feather skirt nd fly away
5. Nude is always good in my book 6. Be a flower child... Dont just do the obvious floral prints, have fun. Big flower headbands, flower cut cuffs, flower necklaces... Play a little 7. Put your best foot 1st...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My thoughts

I think its quite odd when people judge you for doing what your passionate about, when they themselves are just following the masses... I do what I do because I believe in being an indivdual! I hold no reguard for those who dont understand me and my mission... This is my life and your negitivity is not welcome. Go out into the world and encourage people not knock them down. It screams insecurities within one's self when you do. Just some food for thought... Peace be upon you

Saturday, April 10, 2010

DayLeigh Dose

Cardigan: Francescas Collection Jumpsuit: H&M Belt: Antropologie Bag: Francescas Collection Tights: Antropologie Boots: Nine West

Just another day at Frannies

They basically pay me to play!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

DayLeigh Dose Sunday

Headed to the see Clash of the Titans which I add was great! Good times w/ Allan Marco and Jus Bow: A Rae Original Shirt: The Gap Skirt: AA Shoes: Chinese Laundry Bag: UO

DayLeigh Dose Friday

Wine, Pizza, nd Tattoos with my boys! Shirt: UO Skirt: Francescas Shoes: Chinese Laundry Bag: UO

DayLeigh Dose Wednesday

Shades: Htdogwtr check this awesome designer out at Blazer: Thrift Shirt: Donated from MC Pants: Seven for all mankind Boots: Nine west

Its just what we do

What we worked hard to produce... Allan Marco: Designer, Dana James: Model, Rae: Creative Director

Allan Marco

This is my talented friend Marcus Cobb of Allan Marco designs... Check him out people so you can say you knew him when he was underground lol!

The Talent

Big ups to the beautiful and talented Dana James. Check this fashionista of the future out on her blog This wildly successful shoot would have never been possible without the creative mind Allan Marco. Get to know all out this creative genius at

Allan Marco Management

Allan Marco Management hard at work...