Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet Nakimuli

Hello hello Dayleigh dosers. This is a very special piece to me because I have the pleasure to introduce you to Tennille McMillan a fashion designer from Brooklyn, New York. This young woman's line Nakimuli(who's name originates from Uganda and means flower), is a breath of fresh air. The line is especially made for young, funky fresh dressed to impress, fashion forward women like myself lol! This Brooklyn native has truly captured the essence of the city, through her bold prints and playful colors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tenille's Mission is for Nakimuli is to be both classical and innovative, fueled by imagination. At Nukimuli they aim to go beyond traditional women's fashion a explore more of the imagination. Nakimuli wants to create a fashion revolution, replacing the typical model with one that embraces individuality, comfort and fun. She ends her mission statement with Dream. Explore. Dare!!! Enough said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Young people like Tenille are very inspirational to me... We are all chasing a dream and I love nothing more to see talented people succeed. I say keep up the great work, continue to crank out the hotness and following your bliss! DayLeigh Dosers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit her website and put in your order. This line will quench your funky fashion thirst!

One, Two, Three strikes you're out

The Grasshopper stadium was the place to be yesterday evening. The International Civil Rights Museum had a party deck and being that I'm so darn popular, of course I was in there. Ok so I wasn't on the party deck because I'm so cool, I was there because my good friend who works there invited me... And ok so maybe being on a party deck at a baseball game doesn't necessarily make you hot stuff but it was really fun and a great opportunity for the museum to get new members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had a great time being with everyone last night but I think the real reason for my excitement was me being reunited with the game. Nowadays baseball is about the only sport I somewhat follow and it was just a treat being at a game. I've loved baseball ever since I was a little girl. You see my uncle played for the minor league and I wanted nothing more to go see him play. That started my life long love affair.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Well hello Dayleigh Dosers, Its been a whole week since we last met and I apologize for that. I've been hard at work on improving dayleigh dose and soon a new project will be under way! I just wanted to touch bases with you guys to inform you on this amazing site I'm now a member of. Its called Lookbook and it's simply a collection of pictures from people all over the world. You see what people are wearing, how they're wearing it and where they're getting it. I especially like this social network because of its exclusivity! In order to become a member on lookbook, you have to be invited by someone who's already a member. Their are only people serious about their fashion on lookbook, which I definitely appreciate. My experience on lookbook has already proven to be benificial because I've connected with some talented people and we're now in the lab creating greatness. Well there it is people! Stay tuned and stay aware...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

DayLeigh Dose

Care free nights

It was windy and my eyes were tearing up... I was not crying!

A walk down memory lane

So yesterday after having dinner with one of my closest friends, we set out to find more fun. While headed downtown, we caught a glimpse of the carnival and simply had to go. I mean before yesterday I hadn't been to a carnival since I was like 15... We road the rides until my head was spinning, felt like I was going to lose my dinner and I was screaming "wuz da matta wit her, is she drunk?" in my best drunk voice lol(insider)... I discovered that unless your body is used to things like that, you should leave it to the kids. I know I'm only 21 but all that dipping, spinning and flinging did a number on my body. For now on if I go to a carnival, I think I'll stick with the ferris wheel!

Monday, May 10, 2010


For anyone who knows me knows that I'm a complete Sex and the city junky! Seriously. Give me a test about any episode on any season and I promise I'll get a 110. I mean how can you not love them? These women are sexy, smart, fun, successful and FABULOUS. They have a special place in my heart. I swear they're so real to me. Carrie Bradshaw in partictular; from the obsession with shopping ( SHOE'S!!!), to my very own Mr. Big, its like we're one in the same. I feel like everytime I pop in a dvd it's like i'm on the phone with them and they're giving me insight on what they did with my very same issue. Yes it's that serious... So it's no secret that I've been biting my nails waiting for SATC2 to hit the theaters. Im so excited, my ladies are back! But what is more amazing to me is that Mr. Adian is back. This is the monkey wrench I need in my life. I predict that this movie will be the best yet and surpass the half billion numbers that SACT the movie bought in... Only time will tell. Oh geez I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Viva el Cinco de Mayo

Today is May the 5th... The day where us Americans celebrate Mexican culture and heritage by drinking mucho maragaritas and eating all the tacos and nachos our little bodies can handle. This year I'm going to celebrate there heritage by posting why this day is really important to many Mexicans. Contrary to what most of us believe, May 5th is not the Mexican independence day. Mexico actually broke away from Spain September 16th 1810. May 5th is actually the day the vastly outnumbered Mexican army defeated the French army... I know I know let me back up a few steps and explain why the French were even invading Mexico. Ok so in the years after their independence, Mexico saw many wars which damaged their economy. Due to the damaged economy, Mexico was forced to borrow from the Europeans. In January of 1862 Spain, England and France came to collect their debts. Spain and England quickly made deals and left but the French had another plan. The French wanted to expand their empire and establish its own leadership in Mexico. Mexico refused which started the battle of Puebla. The French invaded Mexico with 8,000 men strong, while Mexico under the command of Texas born General Zaragosa stood at only 4,000 men. The general pulled some tricks to separate the French, which the French fell for and were defeated. Although America didn't fight side by side with Mexico, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo because a Texan lead the Mexicans to victory. Many Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo because it signifies the day they were greatly outnumbered but still kicked butt. That mi amigos is something to be celebrated so VIVA EL CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S DayLeigh Dose readers enjoy Cinco de Mayo with all its many treats... Drink and be merry but be responsible! Have your DD handy and use protection lol! Tequilla always seems to be the culprit of the missing panties!!! Enjoy Loves

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tis the season to be beautiful

Finally the cool temperatures are rolling out and warmer weather is starting to appear more and more. With the weather warming up so should your look. Today I just wanted to hit on a few beauty trends for the season. Lets start with makeup. Now me personally I love bold colors for the lips. It represents my playful side and I'll never give them up but it appears that softer, fresher lips are taking a stand. Nudes and pretty pastel lips is a popular option this spring. If you're not feeling the soft lips you can always reach for a tube of bright pink lipstick and try pairing it with kohl rimmed eyes. Along with those kohl rimmed eyes try dark lashes (real or fake) with a dusting of gold shadow over the lid. Next we go to the hair trends... The past few season many of you, like myself fell victim of the short hair trend. So this seasons trend is simply a result of us all letting our hair grow back out. Now unless your hair grows super fast, most of you like myself are going through that awkward inbetween short and long phase. If so then you're right on track! Old school cropped hair, 90's style bobs and grunge looks seem to be the popular look this season. And most importantly SKIN CARE!!! I cant stress enough how important it is to take care of your skin. It our first line of defense ppl, so we must do everything we can to keep it healthy. Now beautiful skin cannot be achieved by washing it daily alone. Not gonna happen. In order to have healthy skin you must drink plenty of water, eat right and get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly. All of these things affect your natural glow. In addition to being hydrated, eating healthy and rest, we do have to use a natural skin cleaner twice a day. Its imperative that we do this because you want to keep your skin free of dirt and oil! After you cleanse your skin reach for a gentle toner to tighten the skin and close the pores. Last but not least make sure you moisturize. You should always use a moisturizer with at least a spf of 15. All these things will help you achieve a healthy glow thats always in style!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Planning for a brighter tomorrow

Planning for your future is a hard thing to do. For one you can't control unexpected things and then when you factor in jobs, money, transportation and housing it gets really tricky. Ok so many of you know I've been planning on transfering to an out of state fashion institution for about a year now. It started off with me wanting to go back to New York to attend FIT, then I started looking at FIDM and the Art Institutes in Cali and my heart was set on moving there. I went through the application process and got accepted to both schools. I filled out my FAFSA and got about 14k in federal funding but it wasn't enough!?! I still ended up being 20k short for the first year. I been hustling to get a private loan but that my good people is where my troubles begin lol... I'm not giving up hope for Cali, not by a long shot but this rough patch is pushing me to come up with a more well thought out plan B. You see by no means am I planning on being in North Carolina come August, either way I'm outtie. So now I'm back to looking for an institution in New York. New York will be a lot easier/ cheaper for me because I have tons of family members I can stay with, transportation wise all I need is a metro card, and a finding a job would be a breeze. It sounds like the more logical route but I just wanted to go somewhere I've never lived before, really experience something different. Anyway I'm now looking at Berkeley college in the city and Parsons... Lordie lordie where will I end up??? I sure don't but I'll keep you posted!

The May Catalog

Just looked through the new UO catalog and saw plenty of cute pieces for the spring and summer... Go check it out and put your orders in early because you know UO runs out of stock quick!

Dayleigh Dose

It was really hot and muggy yesterday... I wanted to be chill because we had no idea where we were going to end up. So I just threw on my polka dot skirt, DIY ed hardy vest as a shirt and some simple sandals. Yesterday was filled with random fun. We hit up out favorite mexican spot, attempted to attend a cook out lol (didn't quite make it), went to a street festival and ended up at the pool. Good Sunday

Grins and Giggles

Who knows what we were laughing about!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Art and Culture Festival

May 2, 2010 was the art and culture festival. It's was truly good to see the talented people in this area get together to showcase their work. You see Greensboro not the most artsy city so I'm always really excited when they do things like this. This place is crawling with talented people but what they lack is exposure. They showcased their work to the people of Greensboro and now I'm sharing it with my dayleighdose readers. Enjoy people! These are the coolest necklaces I've ever seen. The designer Liz Hendrix made these necklaces out of different types of buttons. How neat is that?!! Simply couldn't resist spending $14 on a one of a kind necklace. You can get one for yourself by hitting Liz up at Im GAGA for earrings so this booth was everything to me... Wayne and Guylene Carver recycle, restore and redesign vintage costume jewelry... You can check them out at or

Little pumpkin seed

Ok so for the past seven months I've been a vegetarian. Although it's one of the healthiest decisions I've ever made, my friends just want me to rip into a steak! They call me everything from little pumpkin seed to bird lol. So naturally when we went to Stephanie's(a soul food restaurant) and I only wanted veggies and mac & cheese all hell broke loose! Whatever they can call me all the names they want to. My turnip and green beans were so yummy...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Step outside the box...

I'm all about trying something different and being a little fun... This year is all about mixing it up and having a little fun with your look... Have fun with your lip colors this summer ladies and please please please say goodbye to those french nails and dull colors! Nail Color: OPI Strawberry Margarita Lip Color: Makeup Forever cream Eyeliner #6 with a gloss over top Hint: Its really hard to find funky lipstick colors so try cream eyeliners with a gloss ontop. Totally safe and your lip color will last forever! Neato trick

Vanilla Sky 2010

I had a blast at the all white party last night. To be completely honest whenever I'm with my best friends we have a blast, so the party itself had nothing to do with my good times (no disrespect to nxlevel, just being honest). It was a good party though. I saw some friends I lost touch with and everyone looked so nice in their all white outfits. In all last night was full off good people, good drinks and good fun! Part of team Allan Marco... Marcus: (to the far left) Shirt- Allan Marco shirt. Rae: Bow- Allan Marco, Top- American Apparel leotard, Bottoms- Levi Boyfriend jeans from UO, Shoes- Aldo. J Reid: (to my right) Shirt- Allan Marco Tibias: Cardigan- Allan Marco My sexy friend Tabatha... Rocking a bondage mini dress like only she can My big brother Curtis! Love love love him in all white His shirt was so fly... Allan Marco Like DUH!!! Before all the fun began... Headed to meet w/ everybody to change and play before the party!!!