Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet Nakimuli

Hello hello Dayleigh dosers. This is a very special piece to me because I have the pleasure to introduce you to Tennille McMillan a fashion designer from Brooklyn, New York. This young woman's line Nakimuli(who's name originates from Uganda and means flower), is a breath of fresh air. The line is especially made for young, funky fresh dressed to impress, fashion forward women like myself lol! This Brooklyn native has truly captured the essence of the city, through her bold prints and playful colors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tenille's Mission is for Nakimuli is to be both classical and innovative, fueled by imagination. At Nukimuli they aim to go beyond traditional women's fashion a explore more of the imagination. Nakimuli wants to create a fashion revolution, replacing the typical model with one that embraces individuality, comfort and fun. She ends her mission statement with Dream. Explore. Dare!!! Enough said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Young people like Tenille are very inspirational to me... We are all chasing a dream and I love nothing more to see talented people succeed. I say keep up the great work, continue to crank out the hotness and following your bliss! DayLeigh Dosers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit her website and put in your order. This line will quench your funky fashion thirst!

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