Monday, June 7, 2010

6 day's left in the south

My Sunday was a pretty cool day. Allan Marco and I got up and did a little cleaning while we waited for Justin to come home. As the day progressed and the temperature shot up, thoughts of grilling out and laying poolside flooded our minds. After we decided it was going to be too much work trying to get our little grill session popping, we opted for good ole Stephanie's! Yum... We all got the whiting and shrimp plate with mac and cheese, greens and dessert.
To the pool we went... Although the pool was small and slightly over crowded, we had an amazing time. We race, held breath holding contest, you name it we did it. Then we peeped a little volleyball games starting and we just had to get in on it. That was the most fun I've had at the pool in a while. Out of the one and a half games we played my team was the losers lol. I discovered out of my many talents volleyball is not one of them! It started raining and we had to cut our pool fun short... That was a bummer but because it was still early we decided to keep the good times rolling. Movie Night!!! We changed out of our wet suits and head to domino's for our large Brooklyn style half cheese and pepperoni pizza and Harris teeter for a movie. Since I was the only one who experienced the greatness in Alice in wonderland, it was no way we were getting anything else. When we got back to the house we ended up playing spades, where you guessed it my team lost again... The losing teams common denominator was MEEE sad face. Ms. Hill said it best " you might win some but you just lost one" in my case that's two lol. In all our festivities were great and I couldn't have had a better Sunday with my pals. 6 DAYS LEFT UNTIL I LEAVE FOR NEW YORK!!!


Fashionista of the Future said...

AWWW sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait until you make your way up here...I shall make my way to NY ASAP!!!! =) Even for a day if I can't stay the whole time.

SimplyRae said...

Sounds amazing... I miss you like crazy so I'll be happy with a day!