Monday, December 6, 2010

Nook and Crannie

Skyping with my crannie...

Impromptu afternoons

After spending what felt like 100 hours in the financial aid office at my school, I left out feeling drained and down right defeated. Ugh, Why must financial aid be so damn stressful? Anyway I find myself walking towards the train station thinking of what I could possibly do to get me out of this depressing state, when I notice a lot of traffic in Bryant park. I hadn't come up with a get happy quick scheme so I decided to be noisy and see what was going on...
I discovered all types of fun... Ice skating, food vendors, jewelry vendors, I mean all types of goodies! Needless to say when I left Bryant park, my sadness had flown the coop. Being surrounded by those families enjoying themselves did just the trick. I mean how could I possibly sad? I live in the most fabulous city (flaws and all), and it's the most wonderful time of the year...
I met a really cool Jewelry designer by the name of Donna Farkas... If you like any of her pieces you can get your own at

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Weed White wine. Oh na na whats my name

Me and this guy here are gonna take over the world and theirs not a damn thing you can do about it... Just wait and see... Its coming but don't say I DIDN'T WARN YOU ;)

Good Company, Good food

Simply having a good meal with one of my bestest friends... When I'm with Asaad it's nothing but good meals, good conversation an overall good company... Love this guy. He keeps me sane and insane at the same time.

Juicy Pink Kisses

So this lipstick designed by Nicki M herself is like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands! M-poss-eeee-blay(impossible lol)... The two previous Fridays P4F has been on sale, its sold out in under 10 minutes. Insane! Pink 4 Friday to me is the perfect shade of pink I know I know but if you guys are unsuccessful at getting you hands on this gorgeous lipstick Pink nouveau, chatterbox or amplified by MAC are all great alternatives. I mean chatterbox is not as soft as Pink 4 Friday, its brighter but still so pretty! I'll post some pic' s of them all so you guys can draw your own conclusion about the colors. Stay tuned I plan on posting a bunch of pics of all three of them. So far I have two out of the three :) Well here are the lipsticks. Lata Shade#1 Chatterbox Shade #2 Pink Nouveau
Shade #3 Amplified worn by the beautiful Nikeole of the diary of a loner

Guess who's BIZZZZZAAAACK!!!

Hi guys long time no speak... I've been gone for too long now it's time to bring it back lol. Oh goodness I've neglected my poor little blog but if you only knew what I've been up too! My life has been a hectic mess between school, working and my family life ugh. Plus my laptop contracted gonorrhea from some dirty site (not like porn dirty but probably lime wire R.I.P) so I was out of commission for a while. SMT but to be completely honest I've been dealing with my own problems and blogging was the furthest thing from my mind. But I'm back and so excited to start blogging again. Yay!