Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Metal Silhouettes

The window display of a Art gallery in downtown Greensboro... These pieces were made from eating utensils!!! So cool and creative LOOOOOVVVE IT!!!

My better halves

Sierra, Justin and I just out being us! Got some loud, a nice view from the top and my two best friends. What more do you need?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of Creation

For the past couple of days I've been in a whirlwind of creative energies. I feel as though I'm being slapped with creative impulses, all at once. One day I want to rip apart clothes and make something new, next day I want to make earrings, next day I want to be a makeup artist... Mentally stable? Not one bit! But I plan to use this time to create something. Turning this troubling time into something beautiful

Free Bird

I had an overwhelming feeling to fly and be free yesterday. I just want to be where ever the wind decided to blow me. Hmmmm

Avenue of the Arts

An on the whim road trip took an unexpected turn and I ended up on the Avenue of the Art's in Winston Salem NC. I found this place so inspiring. You'll get a good mix of: Art galleries, Fine dining, African art, Eastern art, Musicians, graffiti, and clothing in this small area

Sweet Potatoes

In our quest to explore this new found land, we stumbled upon Sweet Potatoes. Well not exactly. We ended up in the art district of Winston in search of this restaurant. All the other finds were just an added bonus. Any who, Aside from the excellant service and it's chill atmosphere, what set this award winning restaurant apart from other soul food spots i'd been, is the modern twist to ordinary soul food dishes. There you can indulge in dishes like Gullah shrimp and Crab Pilau, Barbecue Duck or 3-Cheese Macaroni and country ham souffle. But if your like me and opt for small portioned meals try the basket of red and white fries (sweet potato and white potato fries) or try building your own sweet potato with white cheddar, brown sugar, butter and roasted pecans. Yum!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is separation really that bad???

So all around me I'm witnessing separation. Whether it be between two once passionate lovers, employer, friends, a married couple or mother from child, it's happening. As human beings we find it comforting to believe everyone we encounter is meant to stay forever, when really that's not the case by far. People are meant to come into your life to help you grow, teach you a thing or two, whatever but most importantly simple to play a role. Now looking at Hollywood for example, when a actress/actor plays a role, they don't play that role forever do they? No. After the rap-up they go on to find a new role to play. Yes they may have loved that role but the movie couldn't go on forever now could it... So why is it so hard for us to grasp this concept when it pertains to real life? I mean over the years most of us grow into new people, with new ideas, views, as a result of life experiences. It's virtually impossible to look at situations the same way you did five years ago. Unfortunately not everyone can say this. We don't all develop at the same rate. Someone can be stuck in the same place,never advancing pass one's present level. Hence the cause of separation. If I'm continuing to blossom into a well seasoned young woman and you stuck in a child-like state how will we relate? We can't, it's impossible. Now that doesn't disregard what was shared, it simply means you're on two different paths. Two which run parallel to one another. In my opinion separation is a great thing. It allows people to grow on their own. A time focus on what you think as an individual, not a pair. It's nothing like truly knowing who you are but when you have those people in your life you lean on like a crutch, you never truly know who you are. You've never lived outside your tiny box. Expand that forth quadrant and get to know and love you. Embrace separation. You never know, it could be the best thing to ever happen for you.