Friday, June 18, 2010

Event Alert

A good friend of mine Dana James sent me an email about this event. It's definitely something I'm interested in. Anyone who's going to be in the New York area Thursday June 24th I suggest you come to this. It's being Hosted by Corynne Corbett with special guest ANTM Bre Scullark. The event is at AVEnts 15 West 28th street New York, NY 10001. RSVP at Come out, have fun, meet talented, beautiful people and hey you could even win a 5,000 shopping spree!!!


Fashionista of the Future said...

THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT! Have fun and tell me all about it!!! Blog about it, matter of fact! =)

SimplyRae said...

Anytime... Always give credit wher its due... I will love. I'm going to win that 5k and take u with me!!!