Monday, May 3, 2010

Planning for a brighter tomorrow

Planning for your future is a hard thing to do. For one you can't control unexpected things and then when you factor in jobs, money, transportation and housing it gets really tricky. Ok so many of you know I've been planning on transfering to an out of state fashion institution for about a year now. It started off with me wanting to go back to New York to attend FIT, then I started looking at FIDM and the Art Institutes in Cali and my heart was set on moving there. I went through the application process and got accepted to both schools. I filled out my FAFSA and got about 14k in federal funding but it wasn't enough!?! I still ended up being 20k short for the first year. I been hustling to get a private loan but that my good people is where my troubles begin lol... I'm not giving up hope for Cali, not by a long shot but this rough patch is pushing me to come up with a more well thought out plan B. You see by no means am I planning on being in North Carolina come August, either way I'm outtie. So now I'm back to looking for an institution in New York. New York will be a lot easier/ cheaper for me because I have tons of family members I can stay with, transportation wise all I need is a metro card, and a finding a job would be a breeze. It sounds like the more logical route but I just wanted to go somewhere I've never lived before, really experience something different. Anyway I'm now looking at Berkeley college in the city and Parsons... Lordie lordie where will I end up??? I sure don't but I'll keep you posted!


Fashionista of the Future said...

We are both in the same boat...I might still be in DC in August but I am pushing to get my butt up out of DC in 2011 hopefully. Like everyone says...sometimes what you think is impossible is definitely possible so we must keep pushing. =)

SimplyRae said...

so true dana daine!!! All things we need will present themselves in due time... I'm sure of it!