Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stream of thoughts

Today is sort of bitter sweet. I've been having some guy issue's. The problem with us is that he tends to get really upset and stuck on small things. Now I try to look at the bigger picture of things, take myself out the situation if you will and examine that thing from another angle. With him not so much. In a relationship I know that sometimes you'll fight, disagree, and all that but what keeps people together is the ability to compromise. Right? I feel like if both of you are willing to share whats wrong, establish new boundaries and try to abide by them, then you'll be alright. I mean I just think if a couple is constantly at wits about small things, then how will you be able to withstand the real problems that WILL arise? Idk these are things I try to talk to him about but he just doesn't get... But I knew you guys would. But on a lighter note, today I leave for my first conference. I'll be headed to Indianapolis for the next four days! I'm super excited and a bit nervous I guess. Not doubting my abilities or anything I guess its just those uncharted territory nerves... I'll keep you posted on when I touch down and how it went... Lata Dayleigh Dosers

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