Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dayleigh Thoughts Happy Anniversary

Well hello dayleigh dosers! How have you been loves? Well since my last posts I've been back in New York living my life. As always my experiences have been a mix of bliss and dismay. Today is an emotional and important day to me because one year ago to date I moved back to New York!!! Whew and let me tell you it's been bitter sweet. I mean I've had some awesome experiences with people, learned so much about myself and struggled like never before. In this year alone I've traveled the country, been homeless, met tons of friends (some good, some bad), lost friends, fell in love and got my heart broken. This last year has really tough and some days I just wanted to fade to black but then I'd sit and think of how far I've come, how much I've grown and that gave me the strength to continue fighting. You see I've been financially fortunate my whole life, so me packing up all my things, buying a train ticket and moving back to NY with only $200 in m pocket was unorthodox. Not for my character because I'm free spirited but from what I was use to. That decision changed the course of my life and it has changed me for the best. I will never be that girl afraid to try, afraid of what people think of me or even second guess myself for that matter. You see this girl who's been knocked down, picked up only to be knocked down again is a tough, hungry cookie. I see the world in a whole new light, I see the world as mine to take. Excuse my language but I don't give a fuck about what anybody thinks of me. I've been reborn a new creature and my time is now. I have a new hunger for life, success, adventure, happiness, knowledge and love. So happy anniversary to me!!!!! May this next year be the year of prosperity, serenity and Space lol!

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