Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eco- Fashion Movement

Man I wish wish wish I was able to take pictures in the FIT museum so you guys could have witness what I just did. But I couldn't so you'll just have to hear about this amazing exhibit via Rae... Ok so theirs a new exhibit in the museum at fit about the ever popular Eco Fashion: Going green movement. I know we're all familiar with what it means to "go green" but many are unaware of the fact that this term is also connected with fashion. Eco-fashion is just like everything else in the go green movement. The techniques, fabrics and processes are what make these clothes environmentally friendly. The Eco- fashion movement is identified by six themes: Re purposing and recycling of materials, material origins, textile dyeing and producing, quality of craftsmanship, labor practices and treatment of animals. The exhibit housed Eco friendly clothes that date back to the 1700's!!! They had a types of designers from Karl Lagerfeld during his Chloe days, Betsy Johnson circa 1960 and so on. Anyway I have a few pictures of the school and of the museum entrance. If any of you are in the New York area I strongly suggest you head over to FIT on the corner of 7th ave & W 27th to check this exhibit out. It'll be there until November 9th I believe.

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